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Civic Works


An important part of our mission as a firm is to

help cities recapture their community-oriented personality. Like you, we want our urban environments to promote a sense of collective identity. We can help you envision spaces that will foster the kinds of neighborhoods and buildings that keeps cities vibrant and utterly unique.


So many community centers in New York draw on decades - sometimes even a century or more - of serving local communities. Wherever possible we keep our designs close to the original intentions of your space, preserving your center’s legacy and unique features. We want your space to have the familiarity your older members are used to, while keeping it fresh for a younger audience as well.


We have assisted varied entities make use of creative funding systems to bring local businesses and organizations into the building process, while making the best use of your budget. Architecture can be a wonderful fundraising tool, and a way to get the users excited about their shared space.


Our firm has particular expertise in creating master plans for community centers and other congregate facilities. We can help you gauge the potential for expansion into adjacent buildings with needs assessments and consulting on neighboring buildings. We want to help you make a space that reflects the deep community roots of your project while keeping it in step with changing cities.

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