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Policy Engagement

AGA is a research-driven firm. Over three decades we have accumulated and deployed a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating the different regulatory bodies that oversee building construction in New York. Our expertise in urban policy comes from a line-by-line understanding of building codes and regulations. From this grounding we design offices, housing and healthcare spaces that push the boundaries of what is considered possible under the current zoning regime.


We have been asked many times by various entities involved in determining, interpreting and proposing urban policy in New York to present our unique approaches to relevant problems: expanding and improving senior housing without relocating residents; proposing how to match building policy to the city’s changing demographics; and designing mobile health care centers that can operate independently after natural disasters.


Currently we are investigating how incorporating art in residential environments can create a more therapeutic living space. We are using innovative funding measures to bring works of art to publicly funded housing, to create a broader range of possibilities for the intersection of art and architecture.


Our work is proof that architecture can be a true bridge between people and policymakers, facilitating a conversation that helps make cities more equitable.

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