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We are Amie Gross Architects, and for over thirty-five years we have been bringing community inspired buildings and interior environments to people of all means and needs. Our work on the front lines of New York City’s affordability crisis has turned us into national leaders in the fields of affordable and supportive housing and civic architecture. 


Our passion is to create thoughtfully designed, aesthetically rich spaces that further the missions of our clients, whether they be non-profit organizations or private corporations. We understand that every project poses its own unique set of challenges yet, we begin each undertaking with the confidence that the breadth and depth of our experience will enable us to provide high quality solutions, regardless of a project’s size, budget, or complexity. Together we can create spaces that physically embody your organization’s goals.


Our built work, research and advocacy are often intertwined and allow us to push the boundaries of urban policy on behalf of our clients, and the people they serve, to create affordable and sustainably built structures that are made to last. We take our inspiration from our clients and their missions and see ourselves as the stewards of their visions for a more inclusive and equitable urban environment.

We look forward to working with you. 


AGA is certified as a WBE with New York City, New York State and the School Construction Authority.

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Amie Gross Architects TEDx Talk
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Amie Gross AIA

Amie Gross AIA founded Amie Gross Architects in 1984 with the conviction that people of all walks deserve well-crafted architecture. Over forty years of multidisciplinary work, Ms. Gross has championed the causes of diversity, community alliance, and direct engagement with urban policy.


Ms. Gross is often asked to speak about her experience as an architect and the ways in which architecture contributes to the built environment. She has discussed, among many other things, how the built environment of supportive housing in New Jersey affects the clients’ sense of wellbeing; strategies for reducing the costs of affordable housing through careful construction planning; and how to offer sustainable design at a low cost. Her approach is exemplified in her TEDx talk, “Seeding Community.” Ms. Gross’s approach has suffused the firm she founded with a culture of respect and appreciation of the communities in which it works. 

A native New Yorker, Ms. Gross graduated from the Washington University School of Architecture in St. Louis, from which she received the Distinguished Alumni Award. Amie Gross is a registered architect in New York and New Jersey, and is certified by NCARB. 

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