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Healthcare and Wellness

We view healthcare professionals and healthcare spaces as partners in the effort to make our world a healthier place for all. Through the use of sustainable building materials, warm color palettes and intuitive design, we can help you create a healing space for your clients that furthers your mission of providing excellent healthcare.


Our clients in healthcare have included mental health professionals, addiction specialists, cardiologists, chiropractors, and alternative health care centers. Each specialty requires a unique design approach. In designing for an alternative health care provider we created a welcoming layout built with materials that reflect the center’s core philosophies, while in creating a mobile treatment base for addiction specialists we focused on creating responsive, adaptable spaces that emphasized versatility in emergencies.


We realize that having a comfortable space in which to heal can go a long way toward making patients feel healthier, sooner. Our wellness spaces have intuitive layouts, incorporating visual cues from colors, calming fountains, and natural shapes in the furniture and fixtures. This helps patients navigate their way through spaces like medical offices and examination rooms that can feel innately intimidating to some.


When patients and clients are calm, so are your staff. Our healthcare spaces feel vibrant and invigorating, with efficient office space design, dynamic storage systems and responsive furniture that can keep up with your employees and the changing world of healthcare.

Dr. Duke
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