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A well-organized workspace can make work both more efficient and more pleasurable. We have designed offices for companies of all kinds, including nonprofit organizations, family run businesses and media companies in quite varied settings. Our workplaces have been realized in a range of environments, including through adaptive reuse of manufacturing space and by placing nonprofit clinics in high-rise buildings.


Because real estate is often so expensive, we use innovative space-saving measures to keep your offices feeling uncluttered. From file cabinets to the boardroom, we design offices as responsive as your employees. By reducing the size of private offices for example more space can be made available for social distancing in communal areas thus creating a better environment for interaction between the varied staff in your operation.


We want to help you find the balance between productivity and sociability. Through thoughtful design of carpet pattern and color, we can create “pathways” for the people on your team that need to get quickly from A to B, while putting offices and common areas along those pathways to increase cooperation and idea sharing.


When beginning your project you can look to our expertise in space analysis to help you determine the size and type of office layout that will continue to meet your needs as your organization evolves. A thoughtfully designed office designed today and oriented toward the future, can help you stay in one place long enough to grow your operation on your terms.

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