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Affordable and

Supportive Housing

AGA was founded on the belief that quality design can and should be available to people of all backgrounds.

We understand that good architecture comes from strong design in combination with deep technical expertise, not one or the other. Our projects give us the challenges we seek to use building space efficiently, as well as inspirationally, in the urban environment where development sites become scarcer and more expensive every year.

Our layouts are effective, richly colored, and inviting, and help promote interaction among and between tenants and staff. These relationships help provide residents with a sense of security, which in turn allows them to be more social in the building and in the world.


We have three decades of experience navigating the ways in which publicly funded housing receives funding and applying the attendant regulations to our designs. We work closely with the staffs of numerous City and State agencies including HPD, NYS HCR and OMH, and lenders including varied banks, CSH, Enterprise, LISC, and private tax syndicators.

The constraints put on developers by the density of the Tri-State area seem endless: constricted sites, environmental issues, neighborhood pushback, building code requirements, and so on. We work very closely with our clients in the early stages of site analysis to determine if a parcel of land, a building or a floor is appropriate to purchase and develop.

Our clients appreciate that we understand the complexity of the housing development process. We have the consistent vision to help create a building at the intersection of your needs: from design, technical and financial regulation viewpoints. Our experience in a range of building types—including retail, commercial and healthcare - is reflected in our work designing mixed-use projects.

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89th Ave
The Delson
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