AGA is quite fortunate to work with some of the most prolific developers who have chosen us to design buildings that bring their missions to a physical form. These projects are some of those currently in progress at AGA: 89th Avenue and Castleton are new buildings currently under construction as they qualify as Essential Facilities. Anthony Avenue and Seventh Avenue are scheduled to close this year.

Projects soon to open include a health clinic in the Bronx as well as a UPK school, also in the Bronx. And design work has recently begun on projects in more rural settings, including a new supportive an affordable apartment complex and an all electric highly sustainable new building.

All of these projects share the ongoing AGA commitment to the collaborative practice of architecture: starting with the strong bonds of our office team, onto enjoyable and productive relationships with our clients and continuing to respectful communication with those who construct AGA designed endeavors.


We look forward to continuing to share these projects with you as they progress.

Hudson Hill Title Slide - FINAL
20.07.20_76 Locust Hill_For Diagram
31912_E-W Section for Planning Board
Rendering - FINAL
Facade Studies
89th Ave Title Slide - FINAL
insta 89.3
insta 89.7
insta 89.2
89th Ave Demo Photo 01 - Square Cropped
89th Ave Demo Photo 02
Elevation View - FINAL
Materials Board 1 - Brick Fixed
Anthony Title Slide - FINAL
Google Earth Photo - FINAL